My Art


websiteThe content of my artwork comes from the philosophical examination of the interconnections found within our daily living.  This examination considers the invisible threads that link us to each other and also link human kind with the natural world.  This awareness of interconnections is a driving force in my art as I examine some of life’s most visceral query regarding aesthetics, freedom, responsibility, and social justice.  This sense of responsibility propels me to use my art as a catalyst to raise the question of how my existence intersects with the existence of others?  My aspiration is to use art to dispute what is, and to pose an even more challenging question of what could be?

My work also comes from the philosophical questions that can never be answered, just brought to the surface for viewing.  My work is created with the hope of making the world better.   The media of choice is oil painting or assemblage mixed media.


Oil Painting/Assemblage Art           

The aesthetic beauty found in the ordinary has always inspired my work as an assemblage artist. I feel instinctually gifted to reconstruct everyday objects into inventive assemblages that challenge the status quo and help us to rethink an object’s potential.  It is through the collection and intentional placement of these ordinary objects that metaphorically recreate the questions of separateness and a visual synthesis of unrelated entities.  Some of this assemblage work peels away the viewers’ comfort level; their first reaction can range from familiarity, to curiosity, fear or hostility.

Somewhere deep down we are filled with a longing to understand the ultimate meaning of our lives and how this life intersects with everything else. It is through this type of work that I am driven to re-examine life’s most visceral questions of freedom, responsibility, and destiny. My aspiration is to question what is, and to pose an even more challenging question of what could be?

I use my assemblage and oil painting to pose social questions and also celebrate the aesthetic beauty in the world while recording my own personal history of what I see and the lives of the people I love.