“Educational progress should not be assessed by the amount of information that a student can process. Educational success should be measured as the astute ability to creatively synthesize seemingly disparate ideas in order to solve global problems in a collaborative way, with the realization that our entire existence is co-dependent.”

-Donna F. St. John

If we are going to turn the paradigm of education around we will need to rethink everything. How we engage our students through a multi-sensory engagement to the diversification of how we present the materials. I have designed a contemporary 4-Tier approach to curriculum design that allows instructors to honor not only their students’ unique talents and information processing systems but also provide honor for their own diverse way to teach. This new way form of curriculum allows more freedom for the students and puts the instructor in the necessary and healthy role of coach as they watch their students ignite and engage.

I have taught in the K-12 setting for 27 years and I am currently a professor at Kendall College Of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve been awarded Teacher of the Year from two separate districts, receiving Most Inspirational Teacher 11 times. I have an MA in Education & Fine Art and I have earned my MFA in painting from KCAD.

I provide professional development throughout Michigan as well as being an active participant and group facilitator for the Midwest Brain Institute.  It’s through my teaching experience and my fascination with neural research that I have been able to design an intentional curriculum format that is highly engaging and rigorous.

“Donna has directly impacted me as a student, an educator and as a woman. She taught me what it looks like to love what you do. She continues to feed my ambition and desire to do better, to make better art, love better, teach better… and be a better person. Sitting in her class you could feel that every fiber of her being cares for her students, loves teaching and learning. As a professional, when creating curriculum and workshops I often ponder “what would Donna do?” Her ability to inject meaningful, enduring connections into her lessons was always impressive and inspiring. Without a doubt, Donna is one of the very best educators I have ever been lucky enough to have been taught by.” 

-Former Student

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Sample Lesson Plans:

4 Tier Lesson Plan Format

Social Justice Contemporary Art

Examination Of Authentic Heroes

Water Vessels From Around the World